Payments & Fees

Payment plans for goods & services


  • When invoicing for any goods that are manufactured to order, we request the customer MUST pay a security deposit (SD for short).
  • SD amounts are usually percentage based but can vary widely depending on the project at hand.
  • The SD amount is used to cover the costs of materials and components we use within the manufacturing process. 
  • Once paid, security deposits are non refundable. HOWEVER this amount can usually be applied as customer credit, but ONLY up until the point manufacture has begun and materials/components have been ordered.
  • Exclusions or deductions from customer credit may occur in the instance we order non-standard materials and components specifically for a project, which become redundant due to customer change of mind.
  • Upon proof of manufacture completion, the customer must pay the specified settlement amount before goods and dispatched.


  • We can offer customers this choice for a flexible payment plan, whereby once the security deposit is paid in full the settlement amount can be broken down into more manageable pieces and paid over time.
  • Minimum installment amounts do apply.
  • Goods remain property of PCH Audio and can not be collected or dispatched until paid in full.
  • Customers may incur storage fees if they fail to make payments within the specified time frame, and failure to pay within a reasonable time frame may also result in the re-sale of the goods in question or loss of security deposit for the customer.


  • Supply of components and more simple manufactured items such as speaker cables must be paid for in full upfront.
  • Customers can choose to pay any invoice in full upfront if they so wish, but please be aware this will not help accelerate lead times.

Accepted payment methods

  • BACS / bank transfer (UK or international)
  • Cash (UK only)


  • Sorry, PCH Audio does not currently offer any direct finance options.

Further information

To find the security deposit and settlement amounts which are exclusive to you and your order, please see the invoice which would have been emailed to you upon confirmation of order. We will discuss payment plans with you personally and confidentially.

To place an order, please reach out to us by using the contact page, emailing directly to or by calling us.

PCH Audio currently remains a small company operated by a Sole Trader, as a result of this we are not legally obliged to charge VAT on our Sales. This makes us as a company particularly advantageous for private individuals looking to purchase professional quality sound equipment for a very good price.