About Us

PCH Audio specialize in providing woodwork and manufacturing services to the professional audio and events industry.

We have 10 years experience designing & manufacturing large format loudspeaker cabinets, and currently operate from our private workshops on a farm in Norfolk, England.

We are a small, flexible & dynamic company with a "can do" attitude.

Our journey is fueled by passion and a life-long commitment to the craft!

Some of the largest sound systems in the UK have worked with us, along with clients around the globe who we value equally.

Who we work with...

  • Loudspeaker companies: Looking for monthly pallet deliveries of empty cabinets?
  • Distributors: Can we manufacture a new UK made product to compete with your best sellers, or fill a niche gap?
  • AV Installers: Know exactly what the market needs but doesn't have? Let's design something to meet a criteria.
  • Sound system owners: Looking to upgrade or restore your sound equipment?
  • Private Individuals: Not in the industry at all, but really want some good speakers for the home or workplace?

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What our customers think:

What an amazing skill and great service. Very professional and passionate man. Highly recommended.

.- Kjetil (Belgium)

Excellent craftmanship & very professional - a comprehensive service from start to finish.

- Paul (Sheffield)

Best quality build, Great kindness, Highly recommended!!!

- Marco (Italy)

VERY professional,

The wood work is supreme, much better than other manufacturers around the globe.

- Rafa (Spain)

Service was amazing, Great price for a top quality product!

- Roo (Scotland)

Can’t thank the staff at PCH Audio enough for all their hard work and attention to detail.

Well happy with the end result

- Rob (Essex)